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MyBonus Review


MyBonus aims to help global e-commerce merchants improve their product sales records, and recruit social workers to help submit product orders. any of us can create MyBonus account, and can recharge Naira to MyBonus account as a starting capital to match orders And earn income commission.

Recharging your account enables you to earn daily commissions tho, the daily rewards on order varies. You earn 3% of your balance daily i will drop the calculations below this review.

MyBonus platform has been legitimate and well paying their members as of now and it’s verified by myself . You complete daily 60 orders to earn your daily percentage commissions.


You can also share and invite friends to earn naira, share MyBouns and agent rebates with friend. This means, when you refer your friend, and your friend also refers their friends. They automatically become your subordinates and you earn as long as they are actively running their accounts.


Sign up/ register with this link, after registering. Proceed to download the app. When asked about referral code input 8150430 your your invite code. Then log on the app. Make sure you use your real details to sign up.

On the app page, fill up your residential address and security management pin for withdrawal purpose, it’s usually 6digit pin.


You ccan easily navigate to your profile page on the app, click on recharge, select your preferred option ( ATM card highly recommended )

then choose your preferred amount to recharge. It will redirect you to your browser, put your card details and confirm your otp pin. You’re set already. You get extra ₦33 for recharging ₦1,000. Then you start taking orders daily for 30days (60 spin)


Their earning aspect is based on your recharge, downlines and your daily orders. I now earn closely ₦60 daily as at when i was on ₦1,700 balance. Let’s have some calculations here…

Let’s assume you recharge ₦1,000 – ₦10,000 as start up for first level. You earn 3% of the amount recharged daily for 30days. For example ₦1,000 recharge is 0.03×1000 = 30 daily for 30days that’s ₦900+ your initial recharge, that’s ₦1,900. But i find something a bit exciting on the daily rewards. You get 3% on your each day balance which makes it a bit high that’s you get about 2k instead of ₦1,900.


This makes your earnings a bit more higher, if you have about 10 referrals and all 10 are also working you get about ₦1,600 extra bonus. Let’s have a view of this as well.

For example: all subordinates only need to use 1000 naira as purchase order funds:

10 first-level agents ₦1000 =. ₦10000*16% = ₦1600 >> second-level agents 1000 naira = ₦100000 *8% = ₦8000 >> Third-level agents 1000 naira = ₦1000000*4%= ₦40,000

Each person only needs to invite 10 first-level subordinates: You can earn a team commission for MyBonus rewards in one day ₦1,600 + ₦8000+ ₦40000 = 49600 Naira For example: one month can earn ₦49600*30 days= ₦1,488,000.


You can see MyBonus is a legit platform as shown above, you can always earn daily depending on your recharge amount and number of downlines. You can always avoid Premium-Risk by recharging a lit amount depending on your capability as recommended by me.

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