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Bfast-Free Review


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Bfast Bfree is an app the pays you to do some tokens, it’s available on the Google playstore and the IOS versions.

BFast BFree don’t pay cash. There are no PayPal payments or gift cards cash. Every payment is made in Bitcoin.


To start using the app you need to enter the same email address you used for your Coinbase account. insidethe app, you’ll see a bunch of numbers that look like a calculator. Which you have to spin by clicking on the GO button, then it randomly selects numbers and you watch some advertisements.


If you want to be part of this platform/app, you will have to register and download the app. The app is available and accepts registration globally. You don’t have to use any VPN for sign up.

Download and register here, after downloading, you register then use this referral code to earn extra points APQNX7.


In order to receive the earnings, you need to open a cryptocurrency wallet with Coinbase account. The Minimum withdrawable points is 3,000 points.

NOTE: You can only withdraw once in every 3 days, you can continue to accumulate your points and after then, you can request another payment.


As it is shown in the thread above, you can see BFast BFree is legit, freely to use, also has a fast payment system.

I like the fast that it has a very payout amount. For one to earn a bit high, you will have to exercise some patience to earn.

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