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Current Reward App


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Current app claims to pay you up to $600 yearly for listening music, playing games, taking surveys and other activities on the app. This means probably you can earn $11.50 weekly if used consistently.

I’ve been using this app for a while, and i know how long it could take to earn just $1 PayPal cash or Gift cards. It will take some patience and consistency to earn from the app.

It is available in more or less countries, it is easy to use, it could be a way to earn some cash. Tho, it is not A Get Rich App but could help you earn by just listening to your favorite music and playing some games and the others.


It is so easy to join, you don’t have to stress much to sign up, you can either join by filling the sign up gaps or using your direct Gmail account.



There are a lot of ways to earn using this app, this makes it more user friendly and attractive to use. You can earn by listening to music, playing games, taking short surveys, watching short videos, charging your phone and others.


This is what most people like to read, to know how they are going to redeem their hard earned points. This is another thing i like about this app, it offers several ways/options to cash out your earnings such as Cryptos, PayPal cash and Gift cards.

It takes about 10 business working days to process and receive your points redemption.

Final Verdict:

Current Reward App is a legit app that pays you to do some small tasks, I see it as a way to earn extra cash but, it requires some patience and consistency on it’s usage to earn more, you also get paid to invite your friends.

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